“If there is one person I trust when it comes to helping people navigate the retirement process, it has to be VRS support. The support and guidance provided was straight forward and in my best interest.”
- Joan Krause - Executive Secretary

We know people like you, sitting right where you are, thinking about retirement and not exactly knowing what to do. We were in your shoes not too long ago. We wish we knew what we know now before we went to the Human Resource / Benefits Department. Are you aware that employees retiring under the (VRS) Virginia Retirement System will have their salary reduced by half, and will lose 75% of the face value of their life insurance? If you have enough years in the Virginia Retirement System (VRS) to retire, you need information, and you need it soon.That is why we set up VRS Support.


We want to share information to help you make the right decisions about your retirement.


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Financial Mistakes People Make at Different Ages

Financial challenges are not limited to a specific age, but people tend to face certain challenges during particular stages of their lives. Regardless of your age, you might recognize some of these financial issues. In Your 20s Living beyond your means. When you have your first good job, it’s tempting to spend money on the…

Mid-year Checkup / repair credit

Only about half of Americans (46%) say they have checked their credit score within the past year, according to a Bankrate.comsurvey. That is simply crazy – you need to know what’s on your report and your score before you try to borrow money to buy a car or house. To guard against identity theft: Identity…

Retirement Planning – It’s all about setting GOALS. Are you ready?

The first step in your retirement savings strategy is to determine your objectives. That means figuring out when you would like to retire and what kind of lifestyle you expect to maintain during retirement. Once your goals are set, you may want to contact a financial professional who can help you estimate what your expenses…


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