“If there is one person I trust when it comes to helping people navigate the retirement process, it has to be VRS support. The support and guidance provided was straight forward and in my best interest.”
- Joan Krause - Executive Secretary

We know people like you, sitting right where you are, thinking about retirement and not exactly knowing what to do. We were in your shoes not too long ago. We wish we knew what we know now before we went to the Human Resource / Benefits Department. Are you aware that employees retiring under the (VRS) Virginia Retirement System will have their salary reduced by half, and will lose 75% of the face value of their life insurance? If you have enough years in the Virginia Retirement System (VRS) to retire, you need information, and you need it soon.That is why we set up VRS Support.


We want to share information to help you make the right decisions about your retirement.


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What To Do When Feeling Overwhelmed With Too Many Choices

What to do when feeling overwhelmed with too many choices Ever feel like there are just too many choices and paths to take when it comes to deciding what steps to take before retirement. Do you end up getting confused and end up going nowhere? Do you wake up to an inbox full of emails…

So How Much Do You Need To FEEL RICH?

So How Much Do You Need To FEEL RICH? So How Much Do You Need To FEEL RICH? Let’s not use the word rich. Let’s use the words comfortable, worry free, able to pay all bills and have money left over. Secure retirement, maximum amount of health insurance, life insurance, liability insurance and enough left…

54 Days To The End Of The Year

If you check your calendar and count the days to the end of the year, you’ll find that there are 54 of them left. (Including today.) That’s only 14.79% of 2015 that’s left for you to accomplish your retirement income strategy for you and your family. You know you have been thinking about this for…


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